Your heart rate tells you lots about your cardiovascular health and general fitness. Your resting heart rate (RHR) is your heart rate when you wake in the morning, before you get out of bed (before breakfast, shower, commute etc).

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It is the easiest way to track your fitness. Your resting heart rate gets lower as your fitness improves. So, as you go through your workout plans, use your resting heart rate as a measure of effectiveness. You will see a gradual decrease in your resting heart rate as you get fitter.

The best way to stay motivated and check you are on track is to take measure your resting heart rate everyday.

To get your resting heart rate, upon waking in the morning, take your pulse on your neck or wrist for 20 seconds and multiply by 3 to get Beats per Minute (bpm).

If you have a heart rate device such as an Apple Watch or a heart rate strap, take a reading as soon as a you wake up. Keep everything within arm's reach from your bed.

If you forget to do it first thing in the morning, fret not. Just sit or lay down for about 10 minutes and then take your pulse.

So, what is a normal RHR? Take the following as a rough guide:

Adults: 50-70 Beats per Minute (bpm)
Athletes: 35-50 bpm

Having a high resting heart rate may be linked to a higher risk of heart attack.

Happy exercising!


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